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Shipping options

For additional charge we can pack volume orders with ceramics, glass in a wooden chest for extra safe shipping.
1. The european countries

Here are rates by DHL

Standard insurance up to 500 Euro included in a price .
Additional insurance up to 1600 Euro for just 3 Euro !


Zone 1

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Latvia, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary

A parcel up to 30kg from 19,50 to 35,00 Euro (depends on a box size)


Zone 2

Croatia, France, Monaco, Grat Britain, Italy

A parcel up to 30 kg from 25,50 to 47,00 Euro (depends on a box size)


Zone 3

Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Romania

A parcel up to 30 kg from 29,00 to 52,00 Euro (depends on a box size)


Zone 4

Cyprus, Malta

A parcel up to 30 kg from 79,00 to 95,00 Euro (depends on a box size)

2. Other countries
Only by an air freight. A cost will be worked out individually.

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