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  • E-mail:shop@springidea.pl
  • Telefon0048 575 304 327
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Dear Customer

      We are a company registered and located in Poland under the following formal numbers NIP 8541510952     REGON 811694360. The shop is dedicated for a small retail sale in Poland. Due to some limitations, we can deal occasionally with international orders, with limited stock quantity and only out of the shop system (the same way Springidea buys from our supplier). This is because if an order exceeds online stock level and we need to order extra stock, it needs to be acknowledged by our supplier. 
      We are sorry, we haven't translated our shop terms and conditions yet. Full English shop version will be available in the next stage of the shop.
         Now credits to photographers who shared their photos for free commercial use:
         1st one with the Oxford beautiful panoramic view with Radcliffe Camera by Mr Zhushenje
         2nd one with amazing illumination on the King's College Senate House, 800th Anniversary by Mr Sebastian                 Stammler  https://www.flickr.com/photos/45913885@N07/4340440591/
1. Orders - main simple rules
1. At this stage of the shop, all international orders work entirely out of the shop system with paypal payments.
2. Low quantity orders we can book and process while a stock is available online. A Polish VAT receipt or an invoice will be issued. If an available online stock is lower than your order quantity, the Shop can put an additional order to our supplier. Additional cost may apply and delivery time will be assessed. Any questions please email us.
3. Orders with amounts exceeded online stock levels can be processed only when the Shop gets a stock acknowledgement from our supplier.
4. A delivery charge will be worked out after a stock acknowledgment and before a payment request. For shipping  we can use international tracking carriers or national tracking postal services. Deliveries can be insured above standard level on demand.
5. All orders (including shipping charge) need to be paid in full before they get processed (money reaches Shop's bank account - the same way Springidea orders stock from our supplier). Please mind, a processing time of a Customer's ordered (acknowledgment) stock with shipping from the UK to Poland is around 7 working days. A shipping time to a destination depends on a country and a region.
6. We examine each item for quality and integrity (a check for phisically weak points)
7. What you see is what you get. Please mind some resin products (e.g. Oxford red bus) are not perfectly hand painted.
8. We are an experienced team and offer high packing standards for goods protection with extra care of ceramics and glass products, to reach our Customers in undamaged condition. Please mind, for extra care, to protect goods for shippingwe reuse  cardboards that should go for recycling.
9. We issue a receipt (Polish VAT tax included) or can issue an invoice. No VAT invoices are available (EU VAT or equal number is required). Please ask for other countries no VAT options.

If you want to see how it works, just try us !
2. What you need to specify

1. Please specify your needs and we will reply to you with the following:

a) products

b) quantity

c) prices

d) an order value

e) shipping cost

f) estimated time of delivery (depends on the supplier and a carrier)

4. In an order please put as follows:
a) catalogue number
b) quantity 

5. If an available online stock is lower than an order quantity the Shop puts an additional order to our supplier. Additional cost and delivery time will be assessed.

6. The Shop accepts an order when amounts are acknowledged by our supplier.

7. Once an order has been accepted, amounts can not be changed. 

8. The Shop proceeds an enquiry when a Customer makes a full payment (including a shipping charge) in 5 working days (money reaches our bank account).

9. When Springidea has paid a total for an additional order and it has been despatched to us or an additional order is ready for shipping to our Customer and a Customer cancells an order, there are two ways:
a) if the Shop can return goods to the supplier, reduces a payment by all costs of products return to our supplier, make a refund deducted by cost of a money transfer.
b) if time of a return to our supplier expires not at the Shop's fault, a Customer can not deny a delivery or the Shop reserves the right to keep 30% of a payment (depends on quantity).

10. Putting an order means you agree for these conditions.

It is simple. If you really want and know what to buy everything will go fine.

Please be aware, if you cancel an order we may not be able to return goods to our supplier.

For payments, please see Payments link (bottom of the main page).

For returns, please see Returns link (bottom of the main page).

Due to our supplier politics we can not sell goods to regime countries.

English translation of the shop text layout in progress. If you need a help, have questions, please email us on shop@springidea.pl

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